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A Certain Cure for Insomnia

I have a lot of hobbies; sewing, writing, and trapeze are just a few. When you do something for fun, it can take you anywhere.  Your heart pounds, your adrenaline flows and joy courses through your veins. That drug that courses through ones veins can sometimes make everything seem like a masterpiece. For instance, my early chapters of the Inertia Chronicles. My only direction was that it was going to be about  a girl who was always running from the real root of her problems, meanwhile blessed with a "superpower" to bring peace and happiness to others. Here's a sampling of the first few pages which I thought were sheer "genious," yes, I know it's spelled wrong. They may or may not be making it into book 3 or 4 after rigorous editing.      When Inertia got home she was anxious to tell her husband what had happened at the store.   Ever since she and Sasha moved to the sleepy New England town, she had been amused and equally horrified by the quirky beh