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Stopping Inertia part 2 - Cursing Django is out on Kindle

Listen Up! James Comey's book is out and it is kicking the sh*! out of Cursing Django. We gotta do something about that. HAHA!!! I just made myself laugh out loud there for a minute. Before everyone gets their knickers in a twist, that was NOT a political statement - I was having delusions of grandeur. For reference:  A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies , and Leadership In case you were wondering if there are any similarities, Cursing Django lacks content about compromised email servers and there is no Russian collusion (Irish, French, Algerian, Romany and Polish collusion: Yes, please!). You will not find anything about golf or beauty pageants, but you will read about questionable real estate deals, frequent travel over the Atlantic Ocean and a bully who recruits a group of people into doing his evil bidding. Any correlation to the life of Stormy Daniels is completely coincidental. Finishing the book last weekend would not have been possible with out my friend A